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Why Lehman XPRESS?

Purchasing Online is…

  1. Fast. Shop from anywhere at any time. On your time.
  2. Fun. Our inventory of over 1500 vehicles is at your fingertips.
  3. Convenient. Buy or lease online. Pick it up or have it delivered- you choose.

Servicing your vehicle is…

  1. Fast. Schedule before noon for XPRESS service and we will have it back to you- same day.
  2. Fun. You stay home and we will take care of your vehicle for you. We even have a complimentary disinfectant treatment available to you.
  3. Convenient. We will pick it up and deliver it back to you.

How does Purchase Lehman XPRESS work?

Step 1

Shop our inventory online and enjoy the selection of over 1500 vehicles at your fingertips. If for any reason you can’t find your dream car, don’t worry we’ll find it for you!

Step 2

Make a virtual appointment. If you would like a consultation, we offer a Concierge service for your convenience. We walk you through the process virtually and answer any questions you may have along the way. Or, go through the process on your own- you choose!

Step 3

Test Drive Lehman XPRESS: A better test drive is one we bring to you! Test drive anywhere on your time at the location of your choice!

Step 4

Pick your new car up or have it delivered- You choose. It’s that easy!

In a matter of minutes, you’ve joined the Extended Lehman Family.

3 Day Worry-Free Exchange w/ Lehman XPRESS

Under the 3 Day Worry-Free Exchange, a customer who purchases or leases a new Buick GMC vehicle from a Lehman dealer may return the Buick GMCvehicle for any reason to exchange it for another new Buick GMC vehicle, provided that:

  1. The Buick GMC vehicle is returned to the same dealership it was purchased or leased within three (3) days from the date of purchase/lease (with the three-day period being extended by one day if the final day of the three-day period falls when the dealership is closed);
  2. The returned vehicle is in “like new” condition (e.g., it hasn’t been in an accident and is free from modifications, dents, scratches, tears, breaks, cracks, stains, etc.) as determined by the dealer in its discretion;
  3. The customer has driven the returned vehicle less than 300 miles from the date of purchase/lease; and
  4. The returned vehicle is free from any outside lien.

If the returned vehicle meets all of these requirements, the customer may exchange it for another new vehicle, subject to the mutual agreement of the customer and dealer on the terms of the new vehicle purchase or lease. Additional costs may apply to exchanges for a vehicle of greater value. Contact us to learn more.

How does Service Lehman XPRESS work?

Step 1

Schedule your service.   If you schedule an express service before noon, you will get it back the same day.

Step 2

We pick it up.  We will come to you if you are within a 10-mile radius.

Step 3

Continue with your day!  We will communicate with you and will notify you when your vehicle is ready.

Step 4

We deliver it back to you.  It’s that easy!